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Headshot Photographers

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I’m a professional Photographer, with a studio, located in Sussex and who works Internationally

I cover many areas of creative imaging with my main website being Chris Giles Photography

Booheads is my specialist Headshot Photography site for Actors and Actresses.

Booheads Headshot Photographers - My Style

I aim to create unique images that represent the client correctly. I will often go over past headshots with someone to find out what is felt they are missing and where they wish to be.

A mix between studio and natural light within a session is preferred so that there is a large amount of variety in the resulting images. My friendly nature allows me to chat and interact with those I work with and I'm very approachable.

Booheads Headshot Photography - What's involved

The shoot begins with a discussion over previous headshots you've had, what you liked, what you didn't and how to move forward from those.

I never clock watch and a headshot session can range between 45 minutes to 2 hours.

The aim is to get the results you want and with every session I always keep plenty of time free either side of the appointment so that we won't feel rushed.

My photoshop skills are excellent and all images are supplied in Colour and Black & White with more details about how the images are delivered available on the pricing page.

As a full time photographer I am usually available at short notice, particularly weekdays.